Teaching Technicians http://www.teachingtechnicians.org Teaching Technicians 2019 Center for Advanced Automotive Technology (CAAT) Conference http://www.teachingtechnicians.org/Event/Details.aspx?EventID=4b0ca010-b76e-42b6-9416-40afbba62df3 4/9/2019 1:34:05 PM Conference Overview Join us at this popular event to hear from industry, government, and STEM leaders about the: ?automotive industry’s continued focus on, and the growth of electric vehicles (EVs) ?current status of market acceptance of EVs ?EV charging network, fast charging, charge rate, and range anxiety ?Michigan STEM Advisory Council and the state’s STEM programming that is helping to make the state a world leader in STEM education ?many STEM activities in Michigan that focus on developing skills that will help students gain proficiency in collaboration, questioning, problem-solving, and critical thinking that will better prepare them for the many STEM jobs that are currently and will continue to be available to meet the needs of industry ?Michigan Workforce Development Agency’s efforts to work directly with federal, state, and local partners to implement workforce and education programs and develop policies that align with and support the state’s key workforce strategies Several local students will be on hand to share their STEM experience and pathways in a panel format, moderated by their teacher, Douglas Baltz, who is Instructional Leader, STEM R&D at Birmingham Public Schools and a member of the Southeast Michigan STEM Ecosystem Executive Board. There will be a special area for conference attendees to speak with leaders of various Michigan STEM organizations to learn about the many ways available to engage students in STEM. If you are a local STEM organization, or work for a company engaged in STEM activities, and wish to have a table, please contact Sherri Doherty, CAAT Assistant Director, at 586-447-8618 or dohertys@macomb.edu. Target Audience The conference is targeted to automotive industry representatives and secondary and post-secondary automotive educators, counselors, and administrators. Representatives from automotive-related government and professional organizations are also encouraged to attend. Entrepreneurial Approaches to Sustaining and Scaling Educational Innovations http://www.teachingtechnicians.org/Event/Details.aspx?EventID=36576d5a-b966-4473-b932-6ee5eae60786 3/19/2019 2:46:45 PM This workshop kicks off a 2-week course that guides participants through the process of exploring innovative ways to solve problems that address the needs of your intended audience and/or market. The course is primarily for those in the ATE community who are interested in learning how to sustain and scale educational innovations and network with education focused innovators. The workshop begins with an opening session at the HI-TEC conference and includes conducting interviews (approximately 10 one-hour interviews), attending online office hours and an online closing workshop. Participant Benefits ? Explore the potential to sustain and scale education innovations beyond federal funding. ? Benefit from direct feedback and one-on-one office hours with expert instructors, and a pace and workload that accommodate working professionals. ? Awaken your inner edupreneur. ? Network with other education-focused innovators in the ATE community. How to Register Register for both the conference and workshop here: http://www.highimpact-tec.org/hitec2019_reg.php No further steps are required to enroll in the full 2-week course. Early registration is highly recommended as space is limited. Stipend and Costs Participants who complete the two- week course will be given a $500 stipend. Participants must register for the HI-TEC conference ($500 with early registration), as well as the full-day kick-off workshop ($200). Participants must complete the entire two-week course to receive the stipend. Questions? Please email Kacey Beddoes at k.beddoes@asee.org. This course is funded by the National Science Foundation under grant DUE-1355431