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Proven & Promising Practices

The Proven & Promising Practices database is a searchable compendium of research on technician education. Dr. Liesel Ritchie and her research assistant, Courtney Nichole Farnham, were engaged to complete the initial research for the compendium, in partnership with the SC ATE Center of Excellence.

The goal is for potential and funded PIs to use this research to inform practice and future proposals. Prospective PIs will be able to reference this source for selected strategies they want to include in their work. The objective is to make it easier for educators to learn, benefit and leverage what is known about technician education and strategies that work, and to also make proposals for new research projects easier to design since researchers will be able to see, in one place, previously-completed work funded by NSF ATE. By definition, these projects have a solid research base and employ accepted methods of capturing and reporting data. We hope that providing this compendium will facilitate dissemination of this information to technician educators in a way that should make the findings more broadly accessible and useful in informing practice.

Dr. Liesel Ritchie is Assistant Director for Research, Natural Hazards Center, Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and was part of an ATE-funded research project “Enhancing Targeted Research in the Advanced Technological Education Program,” (DUE #0832874) that included nine research studies included in the compendium.