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Identifying Your NSF ATE Program Officer

How to locate your NSF ATE Program Officer

On the web, go to www.nsf.gov.

Click on Awards in the top tool bar.

Key in the DUE award number that was assigned in your award letter, then scroll down and click on “search.” (Do not fill in more than one search field such as Award Number.)

Scroll down to see search results.

Click on award number to access Award Abstract.

The sixth item listed in the Abstract is “Program Manager.” This is your ATE Program Officer.

Contact information for your Program Officer may be found by going back to the NSF homepage.

On the left side, under “About NSF” is the staff directory search feature.

Key in the last name of your Program Officer and click on “search.” This will provide the Program Officer’s full name, telephone number, email address, and office number at NSF.